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 Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture


The creating process of the Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture, was in itself the representation of  Taiwan’s cultural heritage preservation development. In 1981, the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan, was established and the "Cultural Heritage Preservation Act"was promulgated and implemented in the following year. This was the demarcation line of Taiwan’s preservation history. Prior to this major political and legality change, the survey of Taiwan’s historical monuments, during the Japanese colonial period, was based on the "Historical Spot, Scenic Beauty and Natural Monument Preservation Law" and on the "Antiquities Preservation Act," after the Nationalist government came to Taiwan. In 1982, the above-mentioned "Cultural Heritage Preservation Act"was promulgated and implemented, which not only established the institution and its policies for cultural heritage preservation, but also launched an unprecedented new dimension for the preservation of cultural heritage in Taiwan.The CHPA was revised five times because of the subsequent social, economic and environmental changes. In 2005, the governing authorities over cultural heritage management were integrated into one, that is, except for the administration of the natural landscape, which was under the jurisdiction of the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, all the remaining six categories 8 items of the cultural heritage management were governed by the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan.



For the overall management of Taiwan’s cultural heritage, the Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan (hereinafter referred as CCA), complying to the stipulation of Article 11 of the CHPA, integrated partial tasksand human resources from the First Office of CCA, Central Region Office,Preparatory Office for National Cultural Heritage Preservation Research Centerand National Center for Traditional Arts, originally tackling some relevantnational cultural heritage affairs, into "Headquarters Administration of Cultural Heritage, Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan," on 1 October 2007, the designated authority in charge of Taiwan’s national cultural heritage affairs. On May 20, 2012, the Ministry of Culture was formally installed and the Headquarters Administration of Cultural Heritage was transformed simultaneously into "Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture," taking charge of specific duties to promoting the national cultural heritage affairs, executing and supervising the national cultural heritage preservation, maintenance, utilization, education, promulgation,research, grants and subsidies, and so on.



In the future, other than the continuing  cooperation with local governments on preserving and safeguarding national cultural heritage, this bureau shall be ensuring that the value and context of cultural heritage be preserved by way of establishing the fundamental background profiles, conducting thorough survey and research, and tracking periodically the records; extending the life of our cultural heritages by establishing the correct concept on cultural heritage preservation, management and maintenance and the science of preventive preservation which emphasizes on the preventions more than the cures.

This bureau shall be passing on traditional  skills of cultural heritage, nurturing professional talents and promulgating concepts of cultural heritage preservation, so as to retain cultural heritage professional skills and techniques, and let the attitude and consciousness to guard cultural heritages become the fertile ground for nourishing cultural heritages.

After the task to preserve and pass on,this bureau shall be attaching new added values to cultural heritages and to promulgating them, embracing the spirit and ideal to preserve, pass on and promulgate cultural heritages, so as to preserve their universal values, pass on their knowledge and skills and promulgate the essence of their wisdom.


What We Do

Chinese Name: Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture (BOCH)文化部文化資產局

Address: No. 362, Fuxing Rd. Section 3, South Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan

Website: www.boch.gov.tw


The Bureau of Cultural Heritage is responsible for preserving and restoring historic buildings, sites, communities, relics and cultural landscapes, as well as conserving Taiwan’s traditional arts, folk culture, and other cultural legacies. 


The Bureau is the nation’s highest authority on national cultural heritage management. It designates, lists and plans the preservation of all aspects of Taiwan’s national cultural heritage, such as historic sites and important ancient objects.  It also leads investigation and research into both tangible and intangible cultural assets.


It works to preserve, conserve, and pass down Taiwan’s national cultural heritage systematically, while promoting international cooperation in this field.  The Bureau aims to achieve several goals and objectives, including preserving diverse cultural heritages, attaining the sustainable revitalization of cultural heritage, educating the public about cultural legacies, and spreading the knowledge of cultural heritage restoration through cloud computing.


Among the Bureau’s various programs are the promotion of international exchanges on intangible cultural assets, the hosting of workshops and training for heritage-related professionals, and assistance to local governments in planning and establishing preservation areas.


The Bureau also operates a cultural heritage preservation research center in the southern city of Tainan, which has a restoration research room, a laboratory, a library and several study rooms. The center is located in the same building as the National Museum of Taiwan Literature.


In recent years, the Bureau has been focusing on developing techniques and applied research on the preservation of local cultural heritage. It has set up an exchange platform for collaborative heritage restoration among academic institutions in Taiwan, and it also provides other cultural heritage management institutions with scientific tests, consultation and assistance.


The Bureau aims to improve preservation and restoration techniques in Taiwan by developing necessary technology, equipment and expertise. An additional objective is to integrate relevant research results and turn them into digital content for broader use. 


Appreciating Our Cultural Heritage

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